Anchovies (cooked)


Gp scout a Brief introduction

Don't know what the item is?or when to sell?
Click on the clan tab in game and it will say [item] [price] in the title.
No need to ask a rank now:)

What price should I buy them at?
Always buy the item at +5%,this way the item will increase fast in price, and we will gain alot of profit.

Is this a scam?
No,the whole clan makes profits,people that say this is a scam are jealous cuz they don't have much money,we are runescape's number one merchant clan in f2p and we are bigger than almost all p2p merchant clans,we are this big because we are trusted in the runescape community.

How much should I invest?
We recommend you invest 90% of your wealth to max your
profits.or if you want to make more profit you can invest as much as you want.

How do I work out 90% of my wealth?
Well thats easy,say you have 1m,type into a calculator 1,000,000* 0.9 and that will get you 90% of your cash.:)
Just type in your cash amount and * it by 0.9
Aoc=amount of cash

How do I make money from this clan?
1)Well,the ge still works on the supply and demand,with free trade back.
2)the more we as a clan buy the selected item(chosen by gp scout),the more we buy out the supply.
3)once we buy out the supply the more the demand of the item rises.
4)with our clan having all the items,ordinary people that don't know we as a clan have all the stock, put there offers at a high price,further increasing the price.
5)once we have reached our target price we all "dump" our items and we all make massive profits:)
6)with so many people buying the item at a high price,the items should sell over night or when you put them in the Ge.

Can you give me a rank?
No,you have to advertise 9 hours(check with a rank in clan) with a rank watching you.
And only gp scout can give out ranks,no one else can!!:)

Can I have some free money?
No,I personally hate people that beg and will never give free money away(only to my trusted friends)
We are not a clan where you can beg for money.
You can invest in our clan item and make a nice tidy profit.and then you won't have to beg.

What is this clan?
Simple ,we are a merchant clan.we help hundreds of people make millions,we are very trusted in runescape,thats why we are so big.

What if my question isn't on the FAQ?
Well,ask a rank in the clan any question's,you can ask them anything about the clan or merching.

What is merching?
Well,you are going to have to be more specific,there are lots of types of merching.
Check out the merching guide by zarfot in the forums.

-sir zeduke-

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