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  1. Hello, my in-game name is 7 pounds. I use to play Runescape for a while until I was hacked. this was around 9 to 10 months ago. at that time I had around 30m cash. I started playing this game again around 2 months ago and now i have close to a 60m total. I have gained a total of 10m profit from this clan because I had bought loads of meat pies when they were at 200gp each and dumped them at 500gp or so. I would like to be ranked in this clan so I can talk and help other clan members with their needs. I log in at least once a day so I will be very active. The main reason I would like to be ranked in this clan is because I have been to various merchanting clans and I believe that this is one of the best. Please pick me to become ranked. If not all is good. Thank you, 7 pounds.

  2. Ok thank you for post will check you out