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Gp Scout

Merch clans are a modern and very popular way to make money, it is said that to make the big bucks you have to merch. There are many methods on runescape to make money but once you have money merch clans are an effective way to double or triple it. Merch clans can do this in large numbers and is therefore considered safer then merching on your own.

Gp scout strive to be the best and many of our merched items have gone on to be great success stories. We have a growing fan base with a large number of keen members. We are a friendly clan and any queries you may have will be answered by any of the ranks.

At this current time we are merching NA it promises to be a very successful merch and we are confident of it's success. We are the most efficient merch clan on runescape and have combined many of the important ranks from other clans to this clan making it far superior to any other clan. from getyoucash we have generals:K0mercher, zebez20(gamboza) and the owner PROMERCHER. All of these members are key.

Going on to talk about our ranked personnel, we have Romano, much of a comedian but a serious mercher. K0mercher, the rank who knows where the boundary is, she supplies the clan with a feeling of equality, k0 will not hesitate to kick or even derank ranked people, even her own friends. Sniper is a relatively new general and may be slightly under confident but when it comes to merching knows what to do. Finally Gamboza, formally known as zebez was a vital part of getyoucash, he has a slight temper but is a skilled mercher and you can bet that he will pull in the money for you.

The hstory of merching has been a long, clans such as rulerofge, og merch,getyoucash,we know gp and gptobills have pathed the way for a change, and slthough gp scout was discontinued it is back with a vengeance.

Gp scout is the leader of the clan, he keeps everyone in check and gives jobs to newly appointed generals, Gp scout is not always on but with a team of dedicated ranks the message will get to him if you advertised for example.

To get a rank you can either make a YouTube video or you can advertise, this is a YouTube video by k0 which shows what the clan is about.

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